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HiringPredictor Overview
What is the HiringPredictor?
The HiringPredictor is a pre-employment assessment test designed specifically to help businesses hire people with the same qualities as their best employees. The underlying software and science makes it impossible to cheat on the test and is proven to substantially reduce employee turnover.

Why is the HiringPredictor better than all other hiring tests?
The HiringPredictor is the only assessment test with a built-in technological Lie Detector that ensures applicants respond with consistent and truthful answers. In addition, the Paradox Methodology determines an applicant's problem behaviors without ever asking the applicant about those behaviors on the test. The Lie Detector and Paradox Methodology are pre-employment assessment industry breakthroughs making it possible, for the first time, to consistently identify top performers.

Is HiringPredictor easy to use?
Yes, it is a simple on-line process. Test results provide a pass/fail thermometer that supports a quick and easy hiring process (see samples below). Test results also include additional assessment information about the candidate for instances when in-depth information is required by the hiring supervisor.


Pass or Fail Test Results    


pass or fail test results

How can HiringPredictor be used?
HiringPredictor is a full behavioral profiling system. There is a full suite of reports available per candidate for:

1)  Pre-employment Interviewing and Screening
2)  Employee Development, Management and Retention
3)  Team Building
4)  Matching Employee with Supervisor
5)  Job Restructuring
6)  Succession Planning
7)  Downsizing

Please contact our office for a sample of these reports.