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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Will HiringPredictor pay for itself?
Yes, it pays for itself immediately--once you avoid one wrong hire.

How long does the test take?
It takes only 20 minutes to complete, yet provides as much information as a full day of multiple choice testing.

How long until I can have the test results?
Test results are available immediately online.

Is the test different for each job category?
No, everyone takes the same test. A candidate's test can then be run against as many different job screening templates as you like. This is a very efficient use of the hiring manager's and candidate's time since the test is only administered once.

Should I give the test to all job applicants?
Yes. Giving the test to all applicants in all job categories will ensure that you build an employee base of high performers.

Can HiringPredictor take the place of an interview?
No, however any candidate can mask his or her true behavior during a 30-minute interview. Therefore, for determining candidate's behaviors, we strongly encourage interviewers to rely on the results of the HiringPredictor test since it is an extremely accurate tool for assessing behavior.

Can HiringPredictor help me to manage and develop my employees?
Yes, in addition to the hiring report, we have a full suite of reports that assesses your team as well as assists you to manage and develop your team members. The advantage to effective management is that it reduces costs; the advantage to development of your team is that it increases performance. Both increase profits.

How do I know HiringPredictor really works?
We encourage you to take the test and then review the results with one of our experts. You will be amazed by the accuracy of the information. Additionally, we have numerous case studies for all industries as well as an independent study which evidences Construct Validity.

Is the HiringPredictor available for all industries?
Yes, it is available for all industries.

How much does HiringPredictor cost?
The HiringPredictor costs as little as $16 per test if purchased in bulk. Tests purchased in advance can be used any time.